Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ACS Open for Business

On Monday, a church was torn down adjacent to our company's warehouse and office building. The demolition of the church caused structural damage to our building as well as several issues with wiring for our electric, phones, Internet and servers.  This has left us without e-mail and with non-functioning websites. We would hate to say that the sky is falling, but for us, that is unfortunately what happened.

We would like to request that you be patient with us if you are trying to contact us, and that for all orders, you use these websites:

You can contact us by e-mail:

From our owner:

ACS and its associated websites have experienced a severe data and telephone disruption. Due to careless digging, all of our redundant internet connections were severed on Monday resulting in loss of our websites. We have managed to get www.thinkpadmedic.com back up to service our customers and email and phones are now being forwarded. We hope to be back to 100% by Thursday. We appreciate your support and need your business. I am including a link to an article and video that show exactly what happened.



Jim Fuller
Advanced Computer Services, inc.

We appreciate your business and your patience as we work to resolve these issues.
We are here, waiting to serve you and to provide
What you need ...When you need it.

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