Monday, December 27, 2010

Didn't Get a New Computer from Santa?

Well, Christmas is over, and Santa did not bring you a new computer. ACS can help. Of course we SELL new computers (at great prices, too!), and we also have some excellent deals on completely refurbished computers. You could buy YOURSELF a belated present. Our staff at ACS would be happy to help you select the right model for you, laptop or desktop.

You also could bring your current computer in for an upgrade. Our technicians at ACS will add memory to your existing system for just $15.00 plus the cost of memory. This is a lost-cost option that will often give you a faster, more efficient system. Like getting a new system without the new system price! 

OR.... maybe your "old friend" just needs a "little work." Maybe it is "sick" due to a virus. ACS technicians are experts in this type of service. 

So, just because Santa did not bring you a new computer, you do not have to face the new year with a system that is not meeting your needs. Let ACS do what Santa didn't.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Take Care While Holiday Shopping

Aahh! Holiday shopping! This year you are beating the crowds by doing most of your shopping online and having your packages delivered to your doorstep. But just as you would take care to guard against someone lifting your wallet or grabbing your purse in a crowded mall, you need to take care when shopping online.
Sometimes in our hurry to complete our gift list, we use a shared computer at the office or internet café. Or maybe you have stopped by your favorite coffee shop and are shopping on your pc while sipping your latte.
Here are some of the risks you run:
Web Browsers often cache your browsing history in cookies, enabling someone to track your surfing habits and possibly access the online accounts you've logged into.
Keyloggers may be installed that track your keystrokes in order to access your passwords and user IDs.
Spyware may track your browsing habits and record your passwords and login information.
The free wireless network you're connected to may be run by a hacker.
Thieves literally looking over your shoulder to steal personal and sensitive information.
Here some steps you can take to protect yourself:
Log off any online sessions.
Delete browser cache/temp files.
Never use the Remember or store passwords for online web sites.
Never leave your computer unattended while logged into any online web sites.
Check your computer for spyware.
ACS – Advanced Computer Services can help detect, isolate and remove spyware from your laptop or desktop computer. Read more about this service here. (this should be linked to HYPERLINK "http://www.acsoutlet.com/service/computer_spyware_virus_removal.asp" http://www.acsoutlet.com/service/computer_spyware_virus_removal.asp )