Friday, June 1, 2012

Will Your Computer Take A Vacation This Summer?

On July 9th many computers will be "taking a vacation." 
Many users will click on the Internet and discover they are no longer able to access any sites. 
Surprise! Your computer is "on vacation" due to a DNS Changer malware that you did not even know existed, let alone that it was affecting your computer.

This is because on this date the F.B.I. will be shutting down a safety net that has been functioning since November 2011...... AND this safety net is the reason many computers are still able to access the web.  

When the F.B.I. discovered that hackers had taken over many areas of the Internet, they arrested the culprits and remedied the situation by configuring a safety net. The hackers were intercepting Internet traffic and redirecting the computers logging in to sites of their choice, not the actual sites users were choosing. This was accomplished with DNS Malware. (The sites were often mirror images of the actual sites users were selecting, so you may not have even been aware that you were directed to false websites.) The F.B.I. used the safety net to insure that users would be directed to the correct, ACTUAL websites they were entering. 

Now the F.B.I. has determined that everyone should be aware of the situation, and the safety net will not operate after July 9th of this year.  This means that well over a quarter of a million computer owners (estimated number of computers still infected) will discover on July 9th that they are not able to access the web. Most of the users affected are individuals or home computers.

The F.B.I., in cooperation with their security partners, has set us a site for users to access to determine if their computer is infected. The site also offers options for repairing any issues.  
Click here to access the site so you can make sure that your computer does not take a summer vacation.