According to the Standish Group (based on a study and survey) a whopping $81 billion dollars of IT funds will be spent on projects and software that NEVER come to fruition. Wasted dollars, wasted time, wasted productivity! AND … unfortunately, only 16.2% of IT projects will be completed on-time and on-budget. While smaller companies have a better success rate than larger companies with the IT goals, we at ACS Computer think that everyone should be getting the best value for their IT dollars.
Our company has been in business for many years, and although we offer sales of computer items worldwide, our IT focus is here, in Northeast Ohio.  We specialize in offering IT services to small businesses with less than 100 employees. We can develop software for your business, implement the package, and provide on-site  and off-site assistance. We also customize equipment for each business’s needs.
It has been our experience that many companies are not satisfied with their IT service. It is obvious from statistics why that is true. Many IT companies are just not “getting the job done.” At ACS our focus is to give you “what you need… when you need it.”  That applies to our IT services as well. We strive to insure that we provide the level of service that EVERY customer needs, whether you are a very small company or a larger one. We have a strategy and plan for everyone. You will get personal service, and we WILL get the job done.
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