Friday, April 20, 2012

Why would you need to see four displays at once?

ACS  Computer now has in stock what is a very hot item.... the MDT GT210 Ge Force Card. This card allows you to use the ONE card with up to FOUR displays.

At first I thought UMMMMMMMMMM Why? Why would you need to see four displays at one time?

Well, I now feel rather foolish. It makes sense to me. As a multi-tasker, I am constantly moving between windows, and usually have numerous windows collapsed, opening them up all over my screen. If I had the four displays to use, I would LOVE to be able to see more than one project at a time. Granted, you need to have the work area space AND the displays, but for those who have this option, I am completely envious. With the Ge Force Card and multiple displays, they can easily see all windows and do not have to toggle between the two windows.

MDT GT210 Ge Force Card is not in stock at many stores or outlets. ACS realized the demand would be great for those wishing to multi-task (and gamers, too) so we planned accordingly. That means you can get this hot item in your hands IMMEDIATELY. Call or stop by today!

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